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EnContext extend education beyond traditional learning.

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What is EnContext EDU?

EnContext EDU is a Patent Pending solution that enables educators to encode videos with intelligent links to websites and other resources.

Our solution enables a viewer of an encoded video to click on an item seen within the video and learn more about their selection.

For example a student watching an EnContext encoded video about the anatomy of the human body could click on a human's leg. This action pauses the video and opens the viewer's browser to a web page or document showing the detailed anatomy of the lower leg. The student could then review the detail of that part of the body, print the page, go back to video and continue viewing.

Alternately, and depending on how an educator encoded this video, the student may be presented with a selection of topics to review (bones, muscles, nervous system, etc.), and then review in more detail the selection offered. In the same fashion, the student would then be able to return to their video and continue watching.

While watching of the video, students could take notes and prepare reports, answer questions, etc..

EnContext EDU makes it easy for students and teachers to enhance the video material that they use with links, documents, and other materials as well as the ability to create reports or answer an educator's questions specifically relating to what was learned.


For Educators

encontext for educators

It dramatically improves students' learning

Educators can turn their preferred educational video and related materials into a powerful tool that engages students and insure results by requiring their interaction and feed-back.

How does it work for an educator

  • The educator selects an educational video
  • They select Images/sections of interest
  • The system "marks" each image or section selected
  • Educator selects website or documents to link images to
  • System establishes link (could contains as many as needed)
  • Educator review and prepares questions or tests for students
  • Questions and text are create and attached to the video
  • Educator loads school information and list of students to enable validation (optional)
  • Educator reviews video and tests links
  • Video is now available on the web for students to register and use
  • All information created is safe and protected

For Students

encontext for students

It makes learning fun and effective

Students' attention is more focused thanks to the most engaging and entertaining way to learn, videos. This powerful tool fully enables tudends to watch, interact and communicate with educators.

How does it work for students

  • Students are provided with a website to register at
  • They can select their video session by teacher and or class
  • Students watch the video and are invited to click on images that educator has "highlighted"
  • Video pauses and student can learn about subject matter
  • Students can take notes or answer questions created by educator on the video
  • System saves automatically all answers and notes allowing students to stop and start at their own pace
  • Students complete their task and submit
  • When students have completed their reports they are Emailed to teacher or saved for review with student's info
  • All information provided is safed and private