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EnContext extend education beyond traditional learning.

About our company

What is EnContext EDU

EnContext EDU uses our Patent Pending solution to merge video, Internet and database optimization technologies to deliver the right opportunity at the right moment. With EnContext, viewers are given the opportunity to click on most any items visible on a streaming video, automatically pause the video, and access a website or document online to learn more about what they have selected.

The technology was pioneered by EnContext Advertising(TM) and was designed to empower videographer to generate revenues using their video programs without compromising artistic integrity or viewing pleasure. Any item embedded with a link is selectable only when, and if, viewers want to. There are no messages, no pop ups or anything interrupting viewing. When a viewer decides to select something, they simply point and click on that item. This action automatically pauses the video, and links the viewer to a web-page or any pre-selected online document. Each video can link to one or hundreds of web pages, and features a unique page result or multiple link options for the viewer to select. Finally, thanks to a smart data base and matching algorithm the system allows complete flexibility of targeting, optimization and tracking.

An intelligent way to link videos

encontext technolofy

EnContext offers a great number of options for educators and students

  • Educators can use any video
  • Simple way to link images/sections of the video to any resources
  • Once a video is encoded, the educator can use it as often as they want
  • Changing links is easy and fast
  • Questions or tests for students can be edited at any time
  • Adding students is simple via manual process or simple upload
  • Video and related materials are available online from any location

Educational video sample

Discovery of the Atomics Nucleus - EnContext EDU multiple links video sample

video sample

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